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The Negative Environmental Impact of Bottled Water

Disposable water bottles can be very convenient—but that convenience comes at a high cost. Not only can plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals like BPA that damage your health, they also have a highly negative impact on the environment. This infographic from breaks down some important facts and statistics related to plastic water bottle production … Continue reading “The Negative Environmental Impact of Bottled Water”

The Truth About Plastic – Every piece ever created still exists

Yes, you read that right. Plastic doesn’t really ever go away. It can break down into smaller and smaller pieces over hundreds or thousands of years but those small pieces will always exist. …and they can be toxic. Every piece of cling wrap you every used to wrap part of a lunch for part of a day … Continue reading “The Truth About Plastic – Every piece ever created still exists”

Compost Impacts More Than You Think: Great Infographic

Here is a great infographic created by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance about composting. The benefits of composting are extensive and this infographic does a wonderful job illustrating many of these benefits. Some of the highlights are: more than 50% of typical municipal trash is compostable compost filters 60-95% of pollutants from urban stormwater composting improves biological, … Continue reading “Compost Impacts More Than You Think: Great Infographic”

How To Compost In Your Apartment

Here is a well-made infographic about composting when you don’t have a yard. Even though you don’t have much room, composting is still an option. The infographic gives clear instructions in easily ‘digestible’ steps. Here are the things you’ll need: containers shredded paper food scraps water worms Thanks to Lower East Side Ecology Center for … Continue reading “How To Compost In Your Apartment”

Make Your Own Inexpensive Organic Waste Digester

It’s very easy to make your own organic waste digester for use in your backyard or garden. All you need is a garbage can and a few basic tools. For this digester I used a Rubbermaid Roughneck 20 Gal/77 L garbage can (Rubbermaid Can, 20-Gallon, Black ). I think it will serve the purpose well. The … Continue reading “Make Your Own Inexpensive Organic Waste Digester”

DIY Backyard Organic Waste Digester

If you’d rather not spend the money on a product specifically made for the aerobic digestion of kitchen and pet waste, you can always make your own. Not only will you save some money but you’ll get that DIY feeling of satisfaction as well. All you need are a few tools and a garbage can. … Continue reading “DIY Backyard Organic Waste Digester”

Choosing a back yard digester for kitchen and pet waste

I’ve used an organic digester in my back yard for over almost two decades. The amount of kitchen waste that I’ve spared from the landfill is staggering, and I never had to empty anything. It’s really quite amazing. I’ve recently moved to a new home and have left my old digester behind for the new … Continue reading “Choosing a back yard digester for kitchen and pet waste”