The Truth About Plastic – Every piece ever created still exists

The truth about plastic

Yes, you read that right. Plastic doesn’t really ever go away. It can break down into smaller and smaller pieces over hundreds or thousands of years but those small pieces will always exist. …and they can be toxic.

Every piece of cling wrap you every used to wrap part of a lunch for part of a day still exists, and essentially always will. It’s crazy. Why do we continue to make more? Sure, plastic products can make life more convenient, but at what cost? The infographic below illustrates the truth about plastic and its effects, including some ways we can reduce our use of plastic.

10 simple ways to stop using plastic:

  1. use only reusable cloth grocery bags
  2. stop using bottled water
  3. say no to single serving packaging
  4. stop using plastic sandwich bags
  5. use silverware
  6. buy digital versions of music and movies
  7. use refillable dispensers
  8. bring your own “to-go” mug or cup with you
  9. avoid plastics that aren’t easily recycled
  10. seek out products that aren’t made of plastic

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The truth about plastic - infographic

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