About Digesters

Green ConeOrganic food waste digesters allow you to immediately reduce the amount of waste collected from your home by up to 30%.

Using a back yard / garden food digester is an easy way to significantly improve your green quotient in minutes. Bio digesters are superior to typical back yard composters in many ways. One of the most important ways is ease of use. Digesters require no regular turning or mixing. All you do is dump your food waste in and forget it. You can even dump in meat, small bones and pet waste. The organic waste simply melts away into the soil hassle free. You may never, ever have to empty it or do anything to maintain it.

For more information on organic digesters please see our frequently asked questions (faq).

Purchase a Digester

If you are interested in purchasing an organic food waste digester for use in your garden or yard please contact us. Digesters are not currently available for pick up in Calgary, Alberta. We now have to use a different manufacturer that is further away and as a result can only place larger orders. Once we have enough people committed to buy we will place a new order. Otherwise, you can purchase an organic digester from Amazon.com or from Home Depot in Canada.