Organic Waste Kitchen Caddy

An organic waste kitchen caddy is a small, usually plastic, container that you keep in or close to your kitchen. The purpose of having a kitchen caddy is to encourage the use of your organic digester by increasing convenience. You can continually add to your kitchen caddy for days or weeks and therefore make trips to your backyard digester less frequently. Kitchen caddies are also useful if you decide to compost your kitchen waste, rather than put the waste in your organic waste digester. 

Kitchen caddies are often made from primarily recycled materials and come in a number of sizes. The size that is right for you largely depends on the size of your family and the amount of kitchen waste your household produces. They usually come in sizes ranging from 7 to 20 quarts/litres. A 7 quart/litre caddy can usually accommodate a household with 3-4 people.

Many kitchen caddies come with a replaceable filter in the lid of the container. This filter, often charcoal or carbon-based, allows for some ventilation in the caddy while filtering out odors.

It is often convenient to keep the caddy in a low cupboard in your kitchen. The small size makes it easy to place. They usually have a handle that makes carrying easy and also allows for storing them by hanging from a hook when not in use.

There are a number of manufacturers of kitchen caddies. You can even find some available at very reasonable prices at

These caddies are useful for organic waste digesters and for composters.

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